RETAW: testing grading D7000 footage shot flat

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Retaw from jeremy mayhew on Vimeo.

So this past week I shot a short out in the woods of New Hampshire, called “RETAW”, which just means water backwards.  I was going to call it “neddih retaw” but that just seemed way to self involved 🙂  The purpose of this short was to test the ability to grade Nikon D7000 footage that was shot with a flat picture style using Magic Bullet Looks.  Now I’m a huge follower of Philip Bloom ( ) and this is a  method I learned from his workshop back in July, which was awesome, but was like a year ago and he really needs to come back and do another one! (cough cough hint hint )  So for this peice I created a new picture style, which sharpness, contrast, saturation all set to 0, and the white balance was set to sun.  I shot the piece at 1080p for a 720p export giving me room to pan and zoom the footage as needed.  Because I was shooting myself, the shots where static and by shooting overscan like this, it allows me to add motion to the footage I’m in even though I can’t physically move the camera.

Lets just say for brevity sake, that this was a challenge.  No matter how many presets I tried in Magic Bullet Looks, the footage just didnt’ feel right, it felt a bit muddy and just overdone.  Not to mention the sheer time it took just to render out the grading effects, about 30 minutes for a 2 minute piece.  As this is my first time grading flat footage, I’m going to mark this up to user error and keep trying.  I’m also going to head out to staples and pick up some more ram, to see if that helps at all with the processing time issue.


Lull, Shot with a D300 and D90

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(originally shot in Oct 2010)

A short i did on location at Lull farm in Hollis-Brookline. (​ ). Lull is a special place to me, its where we always go as a family for apple picking, and for pumpkins and cornstalks. Well, My family is one person smaller since three years, so going there is both wonderful and a little sad at the same time, so I guess thats why this film seems a little sad?

anyway, it was shot with a d300s and ..wait for it…A D90?!?! yes, throw a 105mm f2.8 macro on that bad boy and she works like a charm. The orchard footage and especially the close up shot of the tree knot where done with the d90.

the slider shots were done with the spyder dolly, that thing is a miracle! i’ve modified my sad DIY $13 walmart tabletop by velcroing a peice of plexiglass to it to get about 4 more inches on each side, which makes for wider dollys and wider spins.

the orchard shots where done using the special run and gun rig that they build for me, which when you consider the fact that they were done with a 105mm lens, thats pretty stable!

The music is “The Gravel Road” from The Village Soundtrack.

and of course, none of this would be possible if it weren’t for the inspiration and education from a simple down to earth fella named Philip Bloom.


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